Friday, July 26, 2013

Quick Takes

I signed up for Fulwiler's charge to blog every day for a week.  Yesterday I failed to post anything. Here's why.  Everything aligned for me to hand off the boys to Paul after dinner clean-up so that he could stay up for the late night feeding and I could sleep through until the middle of the night feeding.  As the time for me to slip under those beloved covers approached, I became giddy with excitement. I practically skipped down the hallway (after double, triple, quadruple checking details of the plan with Paul).  I fell asleep at 9:10 and woke to cries. I picked up my phone---1:54 a.m. Success! 

When we decided to try the tag team method I just described I envisioned waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and being so radically rested (in constrast to the very, very little sleep I've been getting) that I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep, that I would instead want to get started on all my stuff for the day.  Nope. I was pleasantly awake at 2 am but had no problem at all falling right back asleep after attending to the boys. When I woke this morning, I felt a spring in my step. I felt like me again. I was talking sweet nonsense to my boys and showering them with unwarranted kisses.  I was excited to greet the day.  However, I did have to temper my happiness somewhat considering Paul somehow slept through his alarm and was in a particularly grumpy mood.  Weak sauce. [Just kidding, babe. Love you!]

On Wednesday, I realized a few truths about how things are going to operate for the time being.  I forgot to add another truth that's maybe not applicable for everyone but it is 100% with me. My house must be clean. It's just the way it is.  The difference between my reasoning skills and general will to live in a disordered home compared to a orderly one is unconscionable. And to great extent, it's because lack of cleanliness and organization adds to the great deal of tension I can feel when I'm already at my max. I was attempting to soothe a baby last night and groped around the floor for a binkie.  Just as I was putting it in the baby's whimpering mouth, it struck me that the paci felt a bit large. A squint in the dark revealed I was holding Mr. Potato Head's shoes.  See, we just can't afford these near death experiences around here.

Thomas asked me at lunch to take a picture of him to send to daddy who is actually at work today.  Paul has been working from home more lately and while he spends 95% of the day locked up in the office being important, Thomas and I both find it a comfort for him to be with us here.  I thought it was sweet Thomas missed him.  I miss him too.

I put on my first non-maternity shorts since the boys were born.  Immediately after I sent my mom text after text of frantic despair.  I was feeling pretty good about my progress until I saw how the cut of those shorts really brought out the dough-like quality of my thighs. Nothing good comes easy, or something like that, right?!

I've had more time to read lately and I've really been enjoying it. The twins have reflux and so I try to keep them upright for some time after feeding; this experience often offers more hand mobility than tandem nursing but not enough for being at the computer.  I finished Mere Christianity yesterday and I'm looking forward to reading more of Lewis soon.  This book definitely falls under the category of books I'm embarrassed I hadn't yet read.  Have you read it? He covered more ground than I anticipated and there were several chapters that were simple but much needed reminders about the nature of Christianity.

I don't know what I was going to put for my 7th quick take but it doesn't matter much now since there is a baby shrieking in the background like he hasn't been fed in days.  Toodle-oo. I'll just be on my nursing way. 

Have a great weekend! Check out some other quick takes more impressive than mine at Jen's blog.


  1. Ashley I absolutely love your posts and how truthful you are. They make me laugh a little too. You are amazing! :)

    1. Krista, that means so much to me. Every time I post I think "blah. never again. no one is reading this crap." :)

  2. See, #5 is why I'm wearing skirts this month! I have ONE pair of shorts that doesn't make me feel like my legs are going to offend someone else, but they're so unflattering that it's not worth it! I pretend it's all about modesty but I'm just embarrassed by my pasty legs :P

    1. Oh girl, we're like two peas in a pod. I didn't know what I was more horrified of when I put on those shorts: my flabbiness or my sheer flash of white. I'm fair skinned. The closest I can get to a tan is playing connect the dots with my freckles. ;)