Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Woodland Creatures

When you've seen the bottom of every laundry basket (dirty and clean) and scrubbed your sinks until they're white and your freezer is stuffed full of every dish freeze-worthy... you have to drum up a little something something to keep the crazy at bay while you wait but try not to wait for da babies to arrive!!!

And so yesterday I decided a little fox painting would do the trick.

Blank slate--ack!

Where I almost painted a bee that was quickly looking like a poster child for diabetes...

Almost done... and a little freaked out about painting the eyes

And finally dude found his home by some other fine looking creatures (I painted three years ago).

I was gonna drop this whole woodland creatures theme sooner rather than later, but my son finally, a week or so ago, took note of the owl I painted, proudly exclaiming, "Yeah. My mommy painted that owl for me. I like it!" So he's gonna ride out the cheap decorations for a while longer.

Got any projects on your slate? Or any ideas for what I might do in the next who knows hours to stay *relatively* sane?

Oh, and one super cute picture of another woodland creature, my turtle, who made me smile a million times from ear to ear during "Turtle Mania" at the Nature Center today. (And I'd insert other photos but my phone just puttered out.)

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