Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Anticipation of May

This morning I ceremoniously turned my planner's pages to May and clipped everything from the 1st four months of 2013 closed.  I smiled and stared at everything happening in May...

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their fifth child, Martin, who holds a happy title of 1st son.  While I won't be able to travel to hold baby Martin, I'm joyful from afar about their evolving family dynamic.  The thought of all their sweet girls swooning around a precious little boy is just too cute.

Both my sisters are moving into new homes: one into her 1st house and the other into her 1st apartment.  Deep into nesting, I do declare that there is something so delightful in the making of a home and so much excitement in getting a clean slate to do so.  I look forward to lots of new memories in my sisters' homes and I'm grateful to have them in Springfield with me! 

My last day of school is May 16th! I've been very sober about processing our decision for me to stay at home for a while with the boys.  However, I won't be ashamed to raise my freak flag of glee for any amount of time (if granted) between me waving goodbye to CHS and me bringing the twins into the world.  A chance to hang out with Thomas before things go bonkers around here would be just absolutely wonderful!

And then there's some other things about May too.

I got through January.  I started grumbling during February.  I held my breath through March for April and then when April got here I told it several times it was disappointing me.  The weather. My roller coaster of emotions with the twins' prep.  The weather.  

May means a flooding of green and flowers and letting my guard down to feel some joy.  

But let's not talk about June.  If I make it to June without babies, I'll be equal parts out of my mind thrilled for making it to that elusive 36th week and out of my body stretched, broken, aching and beyond any shape or figure I can possibly imagine (and refuse to) at this point. 

What are you anticipating in your May?


  1. Your body is gonna rock it. I know it.

    May brings....not much here. It'll probably be too hot to go outside by the second week :)

    1. I can't imagine it, Katie! It's just starting to get so lovely here that I can't stand being inside working at school.