Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Takes

Yesterday, I received wonderful news at the neonatologist's office that the boys are both measuring 5 lbs and 9 ozs. These are great weights for twins, especially at 35 weeks, 1 day, and it's laugh-out-loud fun that their estimated weights are the same since this is unusual for mono-di twins (who usually have a discordance of weight allowing for one twin a size lead over his/her sibling). For the curious...I've gained 42 lbs so far, just 2 pounds more than what I gained with Thomas. Here's the most recent photo of me I found on my phone when my family was in town this past weekend and we visited my favorite park.  I think this pic really captures how different a twin belly looks. It's a whole different kind of big. Keg big.

I was prepared with this pregnancy to deliver very early.  We've been ready to shoost out the door for the hospital since a day or two after the school year ended for me two weeks ago.  While any rational personal would be elated to carry her twins to 35 weeks, I have not proved that rational person.  I'm not proud to share that on several nights I have prayed dozens and dozens of Hail Mary's begging our Holy Mother to send me into labor. I've done upteen things to seize the moment. I really have. But there's really only so many hours a woman feels like enduring the possibility of you-could-meet-two-new-souls-any-day-now!!!

Luckily, we don't have to wonder much longer. The induction is scheduled for Thursday, June 6th at 7:00 am.  I would appreciate your prayers so very, very much.  We will need prayers for a safe delivery and peace for the outcome, as there are many possible complications before the twins arrive (possibility of both a VBAC & c-section deliveries) as well as when they arrive (very probable stay in the NICU). **Thank you in advance**

I ceased all exercise when I started reading about twin pregnancies, so about 15 weeks ago, in an effort to preserve calories for the growth of the babies.  I have missed walking so very much.  I realized a couple days ago that this is the perfect time to pick it back up.  I've walked just two days in a row and can't tell you how lovely it was, even yesterday as I walked through strong winds and under cloud cover promising rains any second. 
Neighbor's flowers hugging the curb like a friendly hello.
Something else I miss very much but can't reunite with quite yet is taking care of the yard.  Weeds have literally taken over our landscaped areas. It is driving me crazy, as my son would say. The other day I was just itching to take care of a few bad spots. Paul was working from home and happened to look out the window to see his pregnant wife gingerly bending over so as to balance the belly and yet go to town on de-weeding the heck out of a mulched area.  As you might suspect, I received a strong scolding through the window and so I commenced to teach my son the ways of weeding...

"Son, get my gloves on and grab this shovel and show this weed who's boss!"

This morning Thomas called for help from his room.  I found him trapped in a crib with one leg stuck between slats and the other leg perched over the rail.  When I asked him, "Why did you do this?" his response was, "I was just busy being a super hero."  I think I might try this category of response out on my husband one day.  He'll open the front door after a long day at work and see three halfheartedly dressed boys and a wife with raccoon eyes.  He'll scan the perimeter and spot dishes in the sink and kids' toys scattered all throughout our house. When he looks at me for just cause, I'll plead my case with, "I was just busy being a super mom."

Kid is up. This is all I've got.

Have a wonderful weekend!


After publishing this post, I walked away to do whatever and looked over to Thomas as he was shaking his booty in his "no hat" (snow hat, for the uncultured). A realization quickly overtook me that the far fetched scenario I painted in #6 is merely the current state of affairs minus two babies.


  1. Those are awesome weights for the babies! And awesome weight gain for you, and your belly looks great! I didn't realize they were mono-di, now I totally understand why you have the 36-week time limit. I wasn't gonna ask before because I figure the doctors had to have some sort of good reason... Prayers and prayers and prayers!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Rosie! I don't know how you ever made it as far as you did. I have a couple "good" days and then I'm bemoaning again that I can barely carry them much longer. I'm glad I took care of so much a couple weeks ago because my body has about crapped out on me at this point. I'm like a bump on a log w/ a schedule of: do something, sleep, repeat. :)