Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Student Concern

My students have had a lot to say since finding out I'm pregnant.  I think they speak for themselves.  In italics I've included the responses I kept to myself.

"You're four months already? You waited four months to tell us?!"
                     Let's just pretend I'm getting fat.  That and let's get back to work.

"Mrs. Anderson, have you picked out any names?"
                     Yes. Your name. And I'm going to tell you and only you.

"You're gonna have a girl. You're carrying high."
                    Tell that to my bladder.

Apparently, the 8 pounds I've gained at this point are equally divided between my belly and my hair.

"Did you and your husband want this baby?"
                  [No response for this one. Just sadness that so many students have asked it.]
"Oh, you're gonna be one of those cute pregnant ladies!"
                 Keep going.  I'm listening. 

"I have a suggestion for names if you have twins."
                  Twins?! Woah. Back up and get off the crazy train!

"Don't make her shut the window. She'll miscarry."
                  No and yes. Just do what she says.  She will now act as my bodyguard.

"Can I touch your belly? Pleeeeeease?"
                 Um. What???

"Mrs. Anderson, have you been tired and sick lately?"
                 Ain't nobody got time for that.

[*You can infer from this post that I'm often left speechless by my students' interest in anything other than the subject of English.  However, I'm eternally grateful for their respect, care, and thoughtfulness.]


  1. Not too far off from the comments I got from preschoolers.....

  2. I am LOL-ing at your response to the twin comment NOW, woman! Teeeeeeeeee heeeeeeee hehehehehehehe heeeeeeeeeeeee!