Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why I Love My Husband (3)

When our new bar stools came in this past week and Paul put them together they appeared a bit high. As in, they offered a bird's eye view of the counter.  I knew he would be really frustrated if I told him they wouldn't work, but when I did so he quietly un-assembled that 1st bar stool and repackaged everything in relative silence.  He took care of the return on-line and ordered the new, shorter stools without complaint.  He welcomed Thomas and I into the construction and he even made the building of the new stools fun for our little family.  I would have been undone by this experience, but he took care of everything with no hesitation or delay.

Yesterday, I went out to the garage to break down boxes, clear out unwanted items, and reorganize.  When I emerged from my dungeon of disaster, Paul was cleaning the kitchen and had laundry going.  Then he wanted to scrub the floors.  And flip the rug and vacuum it.  And spot clean the carpet.  I'm not sure if nesting hormones transfer to husbands, but whatever is happening makes me incredibly happy. Nesting alone is a very enjoyable experience, but sharing it with my energized husband makes it all the sweeter.

Paul grew up in California which makes him a great resource for our "delayed honeymoon" which is taking place in less than three weeks when we visit spots in Cali.  He has been making a detailed itinerary of the places we're eating and visiting.  This week he found hotels but I was disappointed when he confided that it wasn't going to be quite as dirt cheap as we had planned on [utilizing long-accumulated hotel points].  Today, I asked him to go back to the drawing board to do some more research, to see if there were options/hotels we were missing. And he found them!

Last night right before bed I really needed to talk about how I was feeling.  Paul held my hand and listened and said little.  I felt my anxiety wash away.  I was so grateful for his patience in those moments.  He didn't try to fix me or offer a solution.  He knew I just needed him to listen, and that's exactly what he did.  How awesome when someone just listens?!

* Paul and I have our fair share of troubles, so my gushing is warranted.  We've had plenty of haphazard on and in and among our journey to happy.  Taking a moment to be grateful is necessary to keep us motivated in loving!

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  1. Incredibly impressed with the bar stools! And the cleaning! You guys are going to have a blast in CA!