Monday, January 21, 2013

Disappearing Act

The last half of last year was a doozy.  I was acclimating to my new job and trudging through a sorely fatigued and nauseous first trimester.

At some point with this blog forever ago, I had promised myself I wouldn't write until x, y, and z were done because writing is the cheery on top and all.  It's a loud sign of laziness to be writing when I've got dishes to do.  So for all the times you've visited here [have you??] or checked in to see if I was writing, you can just imagine that I was tip-toeing through my laundry room as if I were one misstep away from a complete collapse.

And while I do very much care to be a steward of my belongings and responsibilities, I see my wrangling of words as necessary a priority as flying into action as the default toddler-poop-on-little-curious-hand exterminator. Well, poop on anybody's hand is a bit of a trump card, but right after the poop and a large dose of hand soap---writing!

While I was flitting about far away from this blog the past six months, I would sum up my exciting life with the following unrealized blog titles. Enjoy!

Why Your 1st Year at a New Teaching Job Will be More Difficult Than Your 1st Year Teaching

The Isolation of a Christian Heart

Downton Abbey--What, What!!

My Rib Popped Out of Place And Now I'm Pregnant!

Sleepy Time

Oh Look! A Color Palette

Introvert Intervention

Popcorn, Chicken, Orange Juice and Other Mishaps On My Way to the Toilet
[A post about vomiting we should all be grateful I didn't write]

My Sister Sticks Around For a Month

It's Not About Me... I'm Free!

<among a smattering of other invisible posts about funny things my son says and my reoccurring revelations to rise up and live my best life.>

Here's to less unrealized blog posts in 2013 because I've gotta have some kind of pot of gold at the end of the what's-with-my-laundry-never-getting-fully-finished-rainbow! 

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  1. I'm enjoying reading your posts even though you didn't write them. I can imagine how good they would have been.