Friday, June 29, 2012

Stay at Home Steam of Consciousness

We really should get outside before it gets too hot.  Well, I haven't had breakfast really, but I don't feel like eating. Did I get Thomas's laundry done yesterday?

"Thomas, do you want to go have water time outside?"

Maybe I shouldn't put a swim diaper on him today.  I think they may be too small.  I thought I bought a size last year that should have lasted for two summers.  His butt cheeks do hang out.  So, I guess they are too small.  That could be why all that pee ran down his legs yesterday. Well, I'm not buying him new ones.  He can just wear regular diapers. I'll have to pry a disintegrating mass of bulge off his bottom, but I'll deal with that later.

I guess this outfit will do for him.  He's going to get it wet anyway.  Maybe I shouldn't even dress him.  Well, it is kind of cool out there, and maybe Brandy watches us through her private fence.

"Mommy, I wanna color."
"Okay. We can color."

I should get some coffee.  Or write my to do list.  We don't really have anything to eat today except those quesadillas we've been eating for two days now.  If I need to buy groceries I should probably get in the shower, but I don't want to shower because then I'll just have to shower later after I mow the yard during Thomas's nap time.

"Mommy. I color this page."

Oh shoot.  I need to get on that daycare application.  I think I have to get Thomas into the doctor's office so he can get approved to be with the other kids. Heck, who knows if all those other kids are safe.  Like I can think about that right now.  Okay, coffee, that's what I need.

I should just take it easy this morning. I never do that.  I can sip coffee and read one of those books Paul put on my Kindle yesterday.  Yes, that sounds great.  Thomas, you're choking me.

"Thomas, you're choking me.  Get off my neck."

No, I can't rest.  There's too much to do today.  Hmm.  Is there? I haven't written my to do list yet.

"Thomas, what a pretty color! I love.... what is this?.... yeah, green-yellow. I love green-yellow, don't you?"

I can't believe I haven't lost more weight this summer.  I really should have gone to boot camp this morning.  Or I could have opted not to eat that cookie for breakfast.  Hey. Time-saving strategy. Let it slide.  Thomas is putting stickers in his belly button.  I probably should do something about that.  Oh, what the heck.  It's not hurting anybody.

Oh, my phone's ringing.  I recognize that number. Library.  My books are in.  Okay, my day is saved.  Once I get us outside and start working and then we do other stuff I haven't yet figured out.... we will go to the library.  I'll be able to think once we're out there. He's coloring the carpet.  Oh Lord.

"Thomas!!!! Stop.  What are you thinking? No. No. No. We don't color the carpet."

Oh man.  Now I have to Google how to get crayon out of carpet....

..... So, 18 steps.  Yeah, no biggie.  18 steps.  Okay. Hmm. Maybe, I can do that after having a heat stroke attempting to mow the wild prairie in my backyard in 100+ degree heat during Thomas's nap.

Oh look! Nathan posted a photo of Thomas on Facebook!

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