Tuesday, November 4, 2014

29 things about Ashley

I just saw Grace's post about herself & had to jump in on the fun.  What's a blog for if not a loud, narcissistic streak now and then?

And because my brain is fried & my time limited, a list of selfie tid-bits seems a perfect way to rescue this day. [Alistair reopened his sliced frenum & if you don't know what that looks like or all that entails let me sum it up with one word: horrifying].  Well, on with it:

She loves me. 

1.  I love to dance.  Dancing on a stage or in a spotlight = even better. LIFE HIGH! I will not deny it. Nothing makes me feel more free, alive & happy!

2. But no, I've never taken a dance class. But I do have many fantasies that I've bought time in a room full of mirrors and good speakers & my kids are far away nestled at home & I choreograph my little heart/legs/arms out all day.

3. I'm a dreamer. INFP.

4. I've only wanted one job ever and that was to be a teacher. I asked Santa for a stapler and record keeping book when I was ten.

5. Halfway through college I strongly considered dropping out to become a nun. Chew on that one, kids.

6. I met Paul a long time after my friends did which is probably a good thing because it was love at first long talk & we were engaged just two months into dating and married a year after that.

7. I have space issues. Noise issues. Over-stimulation issues. It's a wonder how I have not run off to a cave yet.

8. But yes, I need time by myself. Time outside walking makes me feel like someone is quite literally filling me back up.

9. I'm Catholic (but easily turned off by self-righteous religious types. yeck.)

10.  Many pre-teens reach out to their crush celebrities. I wrote a letter to Richard Simmons telling him what an inspiration he was after I read his book.

11.  I used to think that when adults were having private conversations it was about the end of the world (which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever considering my background).

12. I didn't give my mom a head's up that my confirmation name was going to be Ursula...

13. Which is fine because my husband was just as out of it in the confirmation name game because he was so smitten with St. Paul he double-dipped... William Paul Paul....

14.  I can't drink or eat really hot things. It's as if my tongue doesn't register it. It's weird.

15. If I write on a piece of paper, I have to have another piece of paper under it. Every. Single. Time.

16. One quarter of one of my eyes is brown and I never can remember which is which after all these years.

17. I've never once in my entire life used lip liner. I've put on lipstick under ten times. Probably less.

18.  I cook a lot, and I have for years.  And yet I still have never made mashed potatoes by myself.

19.  My favorite treat of all time is chocolate covered salted caramel balls. Gah.

20.  I was a runner in high school (not sure that is even worth mentioning anymore).

21.  I try really, really hard but I'm not a great friend. I can be flaky. I'm working on it. Same goes for a lot of my other relationships because I don't like messy things & loving people is messy.

22. Rats ate my underwear at 4H camp.

23. As my mother-in-law so aptly suggested, I'm the tail to my husband's kite. We make a great team that way.

24. Criticism works like saffron with me. A little goes a very, very long way.

25. I'm the 2nd of 5 kids. My husband is 1st of 10.

26. I do not like confronting people.

27. Anger is my least experienced emotion.

28.  I've yet to meet anyone with a smaller wardrobe than mine. Or less shoes. And it's not because I'm a minimalist. It's just the way it is.

29. The thing I value most: to give fully of self


  1. #10 - LOVE!
    And #28 - Really? Why is it that way? I wish I had a smaller wardrobe.

    1. Why is it that way? That is a good question! I mean, now that I have 3 kids I could see why I would have limited chances to go out & grab new pieces. Not sure why it's always been like that though. I read Kendra's capsule post and thought "wow, I would have to add a lot of pieces!" lol

  2. #13 I double dipped too--Rosemary Frances Francis (yes I chose a male confirmation saint ... nothing against St. Francis of Assisi but if I could do it over I probably would!)

    #28 I am like that with shoes too. Partly because I hate shoe shopping. But I don't hate shoes. They're nice.

    1. I'll have to tell my husband that we aren't alone. :)

      And yes, I see cute shoes on girls & I don't even know where to start. Maybe there's a guide for that. Like, step 1: buy athletic shoes...step 2: buy nice black heels.... I just don't even know. Once girls get to the wedges, boots, & colorful pumps, my mind is blown.

  3. Stupid little mermaid ruined the name Ursula, and she really is a great saint! Cecilia has decided that's who she'll be next All Saints Day :)

    1. You go, Cecilia! :) If I had to do it over again and was forced to pick a different saint, I would absolutely, absolutely go for St. Monica...which would probably urk my mom just as much. ;)

  4. There were so many similarities between us on your list but the most glaring...
    I have space issues. Noise issues. Over-stimulation issues. It's a wonder how I have not run off to a cave yet.
    And so God blessed me with 7 children--half of whom are Sanguine Extroverts! Yeah, He's funny like that.

    1. Jenny, I realize now, as I'm rereading my words here, that my statement makes me look like a spazy weirdo...but it's kind of the truth. Okay, it's the truth. ;)

      Also, we aren't sure yet, but we're thinking one our little guys might be an introvert like me....so there's still hope that I'm not the only one in the family.

      Good luck with all the beautiful noise today! :)

    2. Then I wonder what that makes me?! I especially have a thing with...ask my kids...my pillow. They touch everything else, "Please, please, stay off my pillow."