Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thomas Talks

I do not write down what Thomas says often enough. For us, it's a real mixed bag. Some things Thomas says are interesting & very smart. Other things...well, I'm left either scratching my head or just laughing because he can be so random. Here are a few nuggets from the last few weeks.

After overhearing me talk about my sister's wedding shower on the phone
Thomas: What’s a wedding shower?
Ashley: “Oh, it’s where we shower someone with gifts.”
T: “Oh, I know the perfect thing you can give Amanda!”
A: “Yeah?”
T: “Yeah, your shower head. Just unscrew it and wrap it up and you can buy a new one sometime soon when we go to Target.”

Thomas: Would you mind lifting me onto the bed? I can’t climb up because my hands are unavailable.
Ashley: Okaaaaaaay

T: Wanna hear a joke?
A: Sure
T: Why did the booger cross the road?
A: Why?
T: Because he got run over by a truck.
A: That makes no sense.
T: It’s a joke. Laugh.
A: [fake laugh]
T: See! It’s funny.
The real deal. True life: I've got 3 kids.

Thomas: [staring at me…]
Ashley: What?
T: I see more of those dead hairs Daddy was talking about.

After seeing me struggle significantly while assembling his bike
Thomas: [puts hand on my shoulder] I hate to say this….but I don’t think you’ll ever learn how to build this.

An hour later when I'm still assembling the bike
Thomas: Okay. How are you doing here? Are you ok? This is difficult for you, isn't it?

His photography skills are just as developed as his joke telling. 

Thomas: “Okay. I’ve got a game. It’s called Penis.”
T: “1st question: Do girls have a penis?”

Thomas is playing with his Legos & talking to himself while I sit on the couch & read
Thomas: "Oh. I said shit. I'm not supposed to say shit. Shit's a bad word. Sorry I said that mom. I won't say shit again."

Thomas: “Is today Boston?”
Ashley: “What?”
T: “Is today Boston?”
A: “Are you asking what day of the week it is? Boston is a city. Today is Wednesday.”
T: “Ah, Wednesday. Correct.”

Thomas: “Mom, would you let me in the sun room please?”
Ashley: “Sure” [opens gate to Alistair & Emerick excited to play with their big brother]
“Be kind.”
T: “Oh, I will. I won’t even try to hurt them.”

In the car & Alistair is making happy baby noises
Thomas: “Alistair is talking back here.”
Ashley: “That’s right. He’ll be saying words soon.”
T: “Hey. He just said boob. He said boob!
A: “Oh?”

T: “Oh, we’re not talking about your boobs. We don’t talk about women’s boobs. That would be very wrong.”


  1. This is your best work yet! lol Or, maybe Thomas's best work yet! :)

    (You left us hanging, though, on the "sh" conversation. How did you respond?")

    1. Less is more, right? I nodded my head with eyes wide and said, "yes....thank you for correcting yourself."

  2. Replies
    1. He loves you too. I forgot to tell you that before he knew we had played a play date, he randomly asked me if we could visit Wes and Cord, and when I didn't respond right away, he added "I know it's a long trip to their house, but I really love them." :)

  3. I love your son! You never know what he's going to say. I could listen to him all day!

    1. He's Paul 2.0 but with a little more flare and a dash of creative. ;)

  4. Hahaha love it :) especially his game - that's a good one!

    1. Oh yeah. That topic has been a frequently visited one lately. :)

  5. Hilarious! I literally laughed out loud for every single thing he said. So funny! Lexi will be 4 in December and I die over the things she tells me. Hilarious and embarrassing but really where do they get it from?

    1. Where do they get it from?? One minute there's brilliance and then the next I'm scratching my head at the silly. Have you read "Joaquin's list" over on the Clan Donaldson site? Oh my goodness. You must. So funny & so true of little boys!