Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Takes

There will be nothing deep or moving or inspirational or vulnerable or anything like that in here.  Just in case you thought I had both guns blazing, fully loaded for an emotional blast. Nope, not here. Not now at least.
Yep.  These quick takes are void of serious thought because all the serious has been sucked right out of me.  This new job has me exhausted on so many levels. It's insane. And yet normal as new jobs go, I guess.

It is never a good idea to bring your two year old to work with you.  Never.  He just wasn't able to keep up with my sophomores. It was disappointing.

My husband has been in London for the past two weeks.  I would like to think that I do fairly well in his absence.  When his business trips take him away from home from a Monday to a Friday--well, those are easy.  In fact, I get some stretch room.  I do a little extra thinking, pondering, writing, scheming in his absence, the introvert that I am.  That did not happen this trip.  Every day during this absence I've wished so badly to talk with him, to laugh with him, and to feel that camaraderie of husband and wife lording over serving their child. But, vent session over, he's coming home this weekend!!! I'm thrilled. I even used three exclamation points as if to trump any protocol on grammar/normalcy/theEnglishlanguage. See. I did it again. That excited.

The library keeps calling me to let me know books are being held for me.  I got what you want. I keep ignoring the library like the clingy ex-boyfriend that it is.  I got what you need. 

Oh, except for starting Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts which is quite the pleasant surprise as far as post-modern Christianity and authentic voice are to be had.  Have you read it?

Thomas's language has exploded. I can't believe all I hear from him.  He asks so many questions, is using an array of prepositions, and has a sense of humor.  Every day is a delight! We engage in mini-conversations, as contorted they may be.  I love having evidence of how his brain, his memory works. This is the part of parenthood I dreamed about when I was pregnant. This little inquisitive person stage is absolutely my favorite. 

I love our after dinner walks.  My brain needs a reboot [or three] when I get home.  I've been switching up our routines here and there to create more order, peace, and happiness in our home.  Walking, or some form of outdoor outing, is making its way into prime time. 

My son is quite the gentleman what with all his proper posture and all.

My dishes are calling.  

Happy weekend to you!

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