Thursday, February 18, 2016

Post-it Shares

I'm popping in really quick this morning to share some random small notes.

+ Yesterday was the first day I've done yard work this year. I bagged up 7 huge bags of gum balls and that gets me about halfway through what needs to be done in the front yard (until a thousand more drop). I needed that sunshine so badly and I'm so excited that today is going to be another day of it. Thomas helped some and then laid on a blanket and said nothing for a good bit while he waited for me to finish so we could go inside and have warm drinks.

+ I bought a domain! And a Squarespace membership! I've been journaling a lot lately. Two days ago as I was writing a new blog name came to me as clear as day and I thought how obvious it's been all along what I've tried to say in my writing for the last few years.  I'll share it with you as soon as I can. I'm really excited.

+ Being off Facebook for Lent has been so amazingly fruitful. I won't share just yet everything I've been experiencing "off the grid", but it's been pretty significant. (And yes, even with still being on Instagram and this blog.) I'll just say this. Facebook is noisy. It's cluttered. It's a lot for me to take in, but it's been such a presence for so many years (slow boiling the frog) that I didn't think much of it. I honestly can't think right now about how I'll use it responsibly after Lent. Right now I'm truly enjoying this sensation of being stripped of a "need" and seeing how many things are so much more essential and life-giving to me.

+ Need a jolt of inspiration?? Go here and watch this guy's video. It's long, but it's worth it. It's maybe the best video I've ever watched. Truth. (Teaser: He reaffirms the #1 thing that I read about in The Power of Positive Thinking...that I have yet to get in the habit of doing.)

+ Cari Donaldson is lovely and has been sharing quotes with us from a terrific book titled, My Other Self, over on Instagram. She's posting these wonderful snippets through Lent and it has been such a gift. Don't miss out. Her handle is @caridonaldson.  I don't know if it's kosher to do this, but here you go...

+ It turns out our Lenten prayer chain has been really fun & helpful too. We rip off our new link in the morning, announce whose day it is (randomized group of every family member and then some friends, neighbors, etc as well), post it on the fridge and then pray for them at the start and the end of the day. To see the number of days in that physical form is really something. I've loved it!

+ I wrote two weeks ago about how winter is hard on me which of course made me bolster with enthusiasm that I was gonna skip right over that this year. After I wrote the post I couldn't leave the house for over a week because Emerick had 7 straight days of Factor 8 treatments and an IV in his arm that made his eating efforts (and refusal to use his hand that actually had a range of motion) quite comical. When I finally made it to the Y on Tuesday this week, I was wearing no make-up, no smile, and an oversized hoodie with paint splatters on it. After walking for 30 minutes, I found myself staring out the Y windows at a dead tree shaking in the cold.

So I'm handling winter pretty well.


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